An open letter to President Donald Trump ….




Dear Mr. Trump,


And so the November dust has settled and been forgotten and the Ball has dropped on a Brand New Year , a Brand New Beginning, a Brand New Era. Congratulations, Sir. Nice gambit, well played.  Appeal to the rural demography instead of the urban.  Looks like the good old American Farmer came through for you.  It’s been quite the journey from “Keep on Rockin in the Free World” to “Hail to the Chief”. So now we have to wonder, are we finally going to see a real change or will it just be right back to business as usual for another four years.  Same old Prairie Frisbees, fresh coat of paint.


To date, we still haven’t seen a specific plan for any of the issues, save building a wall to keep out a bunch of tunnel builders. We haven’t seen a plan to help the environment, reduce greenhouse gasses and slow the onslaught of global warming.  We haven’t seen a plan to slow the flow of money to terrorist organizations.  We haven’t seen a plan to lessen the black market profits of the drug cartels.  We haven’t seen a plan for renewable energy sources.  We haven’t seen a plan for creating new jobs and industries to put people to work and improve the economy, both at home and abroad.  We haven’t seen a plan for peace.


Now I realize that if we are truly going to make America great again, we all have to pitch in and help, and I knew you would be real busy in the first few weeks, putting together your Cabinet and all that other stuff so you probably wouldn’t have a lot of time to spend working on your Inaugural Speech.  So I took the liberty of crafting an Inaugural Speech for you that encompassed all of these important issues and I posted it right here on the Internet for all the world to see. Apparently the Intelligence Community didn’t give you a heads up on this one.  Still for your edification and inspiration, ladies and gentlemen, the Forty-Fifth President of the United States of America, President Donald J. Trump………


<tumultuous applause>


”My fellow Americans, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors,  I would like to start by thanking you for giving me the opportunity and the honor of serving you as President of the United States of America. From the beginning of this journey, our promise was to make America great again, and make America great again is exactly what we are going to do.  Its not going to be an easy task. We may have to turn the whole world upside down and shake it. But if that’s what it takes, then that’s what it is going to take.  So now it’s time for all of us to buckle down, push up our sleeves and get to work. America has been great before, America can be great again. Let’s roll.


Now the first thing we all must realize is that America is at war. America is at war on many fronts, some of which can scarcely even be defined. We fight a war against poverty, we fight a war against terrorism, we fight a war against global warming and we fight a war against illegal drugs. We fight some wars about things. We fight wars about oil and about money and about power and even about religion. It is time to do something new, something drastically different. It is time to put the world back on track as it was intended to be. We have at our disposal a type of weapon that can be more powerful and effective than the biggest nuclear weapon we have in our entire arsenal. A weapon capable of enormous energy. A weapon not of mass destruction, but a weapon of peace and prosperity.  It is time to deploy that weapon.  It is time to drop the Bomb.


Now to fully understand and appreciate the concept of the dropping the Bomb, we need to go back and look at America  five or six hundred years ago.  Back then, the people of America were primarily uncivilized, peace loving, hunter gatherers, living off the bounty of the land that had been provided for them by what they referred to as the Great Spirit. These were the first American Farmers.  America was great.  And then, as the old poem proudly proclaims


“Columbus sailed the mighty sea in Fourteen Ninety Two.

On hempen sails he found new land across the bounding blue”


A little over romanticized, if you ask me. The truth of the matter is, here comes this explorer guy from Italy in a bunch of ships he had borrowed from the Queen of Portugal, lost, out of food, out of water, crew on the verge of mutiny and he thinks he has actually arrived somewhere else halfway around the world. Thus began America’s immigration problem.


Now for the next few hundred years America had a stream of settlers coming from all kinds of foreign lands and establishing colonies here in America. These colonies were ruled and controlled by foreign nations. Then at some point in time, the settlers decided that they should be in control of their own destiny. And so they took pen in hand to sign a piece of parchment declaring our Independence. America was born. The likes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, both just simple American Farmers, helped to secure our independence and set the framework of our form of government, the Constitution.


Over the years, this basic framework has been added to through Amendments to the Constitution.  The First Amendment gives our right to Freedom of Speech. Others Amendments gave us the Right to Bear Arms, the Right to Vote and the Right to a Trial by Jury. But the strangest of all these Amendments are the Eighteenth and Twenty Third, the first of which prohibited the production, sale and consumption of all alcoholic beverages in the United States, a policy which eventually proved to be detrimental and unenforceable.


When the Eighteenth Amendment was passed in 1920, the alcoholic beverage industry was outlawed, putting breweries and distilleries out of business. But the demand for alcoholic beverages could not be legislated away. It wasn’t long before certain unscrupulous people stepped up to meet that demand, becoming very rich in the process. This was the precursor to organized crime. This was the black market. There were turf wars. There was violence. There were special federal agents trying to enforce the laws. Then in 1929, the stock market crashed, beginning the Great Depression. The dust bowl hit the heartland. America was in a bad way. Finally someone said enough is enough. I need a beer.


And so in 1933 the Twenty Third Amendment was passed repealing the Eighteenth  Amendment. The Twenty Third Amendment kind of says “Oops. We made a mistake.” Finally the economy began to recover. Industry and technology began to flourish. Railroads expanded and developed newer, safer and more efficient equipment. The automotive industry designed better products and even began experimenting with alternative, renewable fuel sources. Other new products and technologies were being developed in the textile and paper industries. America was great again.


This brings us to the brother in laws Randolph Hearst and J.D. Anslinger. Mr. Hearst owned a string of newspaper companies across the United States. These newspapers used a tremendous amount of paper. Mr. Hearst also owned massive timber holdings in the northwest which he would lease to timber companies which would harvest and process the trees for wood and paper production. Mr. Hearst was putting money in both pockets. Then he got wind of a rumor that someone was developing a process for producing paper that did not involve trees. Such a process would certainly cut into his profit margin.


Enter Mr. Hearst’s brother in law, a man by the name of J D Anslinger With the end of alcohol prohibition, we had a large group of federal agents sitting around with no laws to enforce. Mr. Anslinger was charged with the task of creating what would eventually evolve into our present DEA, enforcing laws against such things as cocaine, heroin, opium, barbiturates and stimulants. Mr. Hearst persuaded Mr. Anslinger to include in this list of prohibited substances a relatively unknown substance called marijuana, cousin to Industrial Hemp, a crop widely grown all over the United States and used primarily to make rope.


It was a hot summer afternoon in Washington, DC, when the bill came up for a vote. A representative from the American Medical Association stood in the foyer waiting to testify to the medical benefits of marijuana, many of which were recognized even back then, but he was never called to testify.  The Honorable Sam Rayburn from the great State of Texas rose to ask the question “Now I know what cocaine and heroin and barbiturates are but what is this ‘mary-jew-wanna’ that’s listed here”?  The answer was “Senator, marijuana is a highly dangerous and addictive narcotic substance”.  Enough said.  The bill passed.


Now the government recognized that there was a significant difference between marijuana and industrial hemp, which was grown primarily to make rope and canvas, so the government passed the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937 which gave farmers the right to grow industrial hemp. But the red tape involved was so extensive it was hardly worth the effort. Besides, we could import all the hemp we needed from other places like Manila. Thus ended the growing of Industrial Hemp in the United States, along with the research and development for using this resource for other purposes.  The immediate effect was negligible, until a few years later when we got into a little scrap called World War II and Manila was overrun by the enemy, cutting off our supply of hemp rope that was direly needed for the war effort.


And so every American farmer with 10 or more acres was conscripted to grow one acre of hemp for the government. They even made a movie showing how to plant, grow, harvest and ship the product. The war continued, with victory in the Pacific theater promising to be a very hard fought and bloody campaign. Finally, President Harry S. Truman, after much thought and reflection, decided to bring an end to the conflict by using a new and powerful weapon the likes of which the world had never seen before. The war ended quickly after that and the American farmer went back to growing cotton, corn and wheat.


After the war, the economy boomed. People bought houses and cars and televisions.  Nylon, plastics and Velcro were invented. America seemed to thrive without hemp, so the government continued on with a policy of prohibition and eradication. Kind of a plantocide, if you will. This continued until the 1970’s when President Nixon organized a commission to establish the Controlled Substances Act. The findings of the commission were that they could not find any reason to include marijuana on their list of controlled substances. Unlike heroin or cocaine, or any of the other drugs, there was no lethal dose for marijuana, so they did not feel it was as dangerous as everyone was led to believe. But Nixon insisted that it be included in the list while further testing was being done. Forty years later, we still await the results of those tests. Thus, officially began our war on drugs.


It was also about that point in time that we began to feel the first twinges of the energy crunch. Petroleum was becoming more and more difficult to find. Prices soared. Gasoline rationing was imposed. Scientific doomsayers predicted we will run out of oil in less than a hundred years. Catalytic converters on new cars became required to help lower tailpipe pollution. Holes opened up in the ozone. Satellites began to document the effects of global warming.  Nuclear generating plants proliferated.  Tree huggers abounded but to little avail.  The Middle Eastern oil producers became very wealthy, but of course they didn’t share the wealth. Instead, they bought guns and ammunition and rocket launchers and airplanes and stuff like that.  Good business for the economy, I guess. Oh, and say hello to al Queda Meanwhile, we kept searching for more oil in more remote places, leading to such ecological disasters as the Exxon Valdeez or more recently, the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention the fact that the earth now quakes more in Oklahoma than it does in California.  And let us not forget the nuclear disasters at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. 


So what if eighty years ago, instead of being placed on a list of prohibited substances, marijuana had become controlled, regulated and taxed, just like alcohol, and the American farmer had been allowed to continue growing Industrial Hemp just like they had done for centuries. Perhaps they would have developed a way of making newsprint from hemp. Perhaps they might have developed a process for extracting the hemp oil and refining it into fuel.  They might even have figured out a way to compress the residue into briquettes to burn in our coal fired generating plants. Farmers all over the world growing hemp by the megaton, in places other crops won’t even grow, reducing greenhouse gases and helping to slow the effects of global warming. The possibilities are astounding. But none of that happened, as we all know.  Mother Earth has taken about all she can handle. It is time to set Nature back in place the way Nature was intended. It’s time to drop the Bomb.


And just how do we drop the Bomb, you ask? Quite simple. The President simply orders the Attorney General to remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances or tender his immediate resignation. No heated debates in Congress. No bipartisan agreements. One signature and done.  Marijuana prohibition is over at the Federal level. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol. Eighty years of prohibition hasn’t worked for marijuana. Why should we think it ever will?  


So what do we tell our kids? Why don’t we try telling them the truth for a change?  Why don’t we tell them “Oops, we made a mistake”. Why don’t we say “Kid, our generation is handing you one screwed up world. You know, in spite of all our efforts to invent an honest way of government, there are still a few cracks in the walls and some people will use that to their advantage, and not to the advantage of the common good.  Making marijuana legal doesn’t mean the government says it’s good for you.  Alcohol and tobacco are legal, but the government doesn’t say they’re good for you either.  But as Americans, we are free to make those choices on our own.  When you’re an adult and old enough to decide for yourself, then you should be free to make that type of educated decision. Choose wisely. But in the meantime, we can now grow industrial hemp in an effort to leave you and your children a legacy of cleaner air, reduced green house gases, a renewable energy source, increased tax revenue, reduced profits to the drug cartels, more jobs and a declining dependence on foreign sources for energy.” That’s what we should tell the kids.  Kids are pretty sharp. They just might understand.


And so, effective on my first day of office, I will order the Attorney General of the United States to remove marijuana from the list of Controlled Substances. At the same time I will issue a Presidential Order to continue our current enforcement procedures of marijuana coming into the country until Congress can pass legislation to control, regulate and tax marijuana. This Order will also request generous and immediate funding to help expedite hemp production and develop new technologies for this resource. America’s future is in hemp. And may the Great Spirit or Dios or Jah or Allah or Mother Nature or however you may perceive it, may God bless America.”


 <tumultuous applause>


Now that’s the kind of speech I would like to hear from a politician. Now we’re talking change. Now we’re talking making America great again. That’s dropping the Bomb alright. Gonna really tick off the drug cartels. The black market will take a big hit, losing one of its most profitable commodities. But that won’t be any thing to compare with the reaction from the oil industry, the textile industry, the paper industry and the coal industry.  Not to mention the alcoholic beverage industry, the prescription pharmaceutical industry and the 37% of American voters who still believe marijuana should remain prohibited. And don’t forget our gun toting friends in the Middle East.  That’s a lot of ticked off people for just one day in office.


So by now I know you must be thinking wait a minute, this sounds like a rant from some old hippie who thinks you ought to be able to walk into a store and buy a six pack of beer, a stick of beef jerky and a bag of weed.  Well, to tell the truth, that doesn’t sound like too bad an idea.  But if that’s the gist you have gotten, then you have missed the whole point. This isn’t about medical marijuana.  This isn’t about recreational marijuana. This isn’t about religious marijuana. This is about marijuana’s tall, gangly, seed bearing step cousin, Industrial Hemp.  The Federal government’s resistance to recognize marijuana’s beneficial qualities is merely a smoke screen to avoid addressing the issue of Industrial Hemp.  And oddly enough, this negative attitude against marijuana is primarily influenced by the oil industry.


Now lets face it, the oil industry really doesn’t care if somebody sits around getting blistered on some good old Wango Tango.  What the oil industry is really concerned about is some backwoods hillbilly from the sticks of Tennessee figuring out a way to run his pickup truck on a mixture of hemp oil and moonshine. That’s what the oil industry is worried about.  But as long as marijuana is prohibited, hemp is prohibited. And as long as hemp is prohibited, its good old business as usual for the oil industry.  Just bulldoze the protesters out of the way and keep on building those brand new pipelines, all in the name of Making America Great Again.  So it comes down to kind of a tossup between Corporate Lobbyists or the American Farmer. Which one do you really think is going to make America great again? Your choice, Mr. President. Choose wisely. Drop the Bomb.








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